To view Ken’s availability or schedule an appointment, please click the button below to go to our scheduling calendar.

Hints on Scheduling an Appointment on the Website Calendar:

1. Click the link above which will take you to the calendar. You can view his available dates here (available dates are in blue) without logging on.

2. If you would like to schedule an appointment, enter your logon and password, or register (click the “Sign In” in the upper right-hand corner).
Note: To schedule an appointment you must be logged on.

3. Select your desired day.

4. Directly underneath the calendar, select the number of hours you will require.

5. Directly underneath the hours, select the start time you would like. (Note: Start times which cannot accommodate the number of hours you require for the mediation will not be shown.) We can make accommodations for special schedules, so if needed, please contact our office.

6. The next screen requests information regarding the case, opposing party/counsel, and requested location. Also, it would be helpful to let us know if this is an arbitration rather than a mediation in the “Comments” section. Confirm your appointment request.

7. Once you have completed and confirmed the appointment request, our office will be notified automatically and your request will be confirmed via the website. Confirmation letters will be sent to all parties. A reminder notice will be forwarded closer to the actual mediation date to the party who reserved the date on the calendar.

8. You can view your appointments by selecting “My Calendar” or “My Appointments” on the calendar home page after you logon (icons on upper right-hand of page).

9. In the event you need to cancel an appointment, go to “My Appointments” and cancel it, or contact our office directly. The cancellation will be confirmed via the website and you will receive a message via the email in your profile.

10. You can make changes to your profile (phone numbers, emails, etc.) by clicking on “My Profile” (icon on upper right-hand of page) and making the required changes.

11. If you have any questions, please contact Judy Shultz at the number listed on the website.